The US 2020 election was rigged. All you would have heard is that Trump lies when he says election fraud but does he?

It should be obvious to you by now you cannot trust the BBC and mainstream media, but the depth of their deception is quite shocking. There are no journalist left, only actors reading scripts. See my blog WHY YOU CAN LONGER TRUST THE BBC.

What you do not possibly also understand is how Trump was standing up to an international group of Elite whose loyalty is to each other not the people. Those international elite are the very same funds, bankers and their clients have also taken hold of the UK and it would seem most of the planet. Keir Starmer is no Donald Trump. President Trump said if the USA falls then the whole world falls and in some sense that is true. The world media is dominated by US corporations over whom we have very little control. These modern platforms are suppressing free speech in some areas yet allowing distressing sexual and hate content to pass unchecked.

There is considerable evidence that the US media has fallen under the spell of the CCP and the new discoveries from Hunter Biden;s laptop show 20 years of curruption between the Biden family and the CCP. The FBI had this information bnefore the last election yet they kept it quite in an obviuos attempy not to ruin Bidens chances.

In that position, the only hope of regulation over these super tech and social media giants needs to come from the US senate which is unlikely to make such a move under Democratic control.

I believe this is a good starting point to see the extent of media manipulation to help open eyes to the deception we live in.

I was trying to explain to a friend how these lockdowns are a scam and he laughed and said, next your gonna tell me that Trump won the election. If you have been following the election fraud you will know all of this although Part 1 is an inspiring reminder of President Trump’s campaign to office and attack on the Clintons and human trafficking. It includes his inspiring speeches…. Part 2 is the evidence of Election Fraud. I am an English Barrister and take lawyer’s approach to the evidence.

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