Robert F Kennedy, Jr. A very moving speech.

A moving speech from the nephew of JFK, a top lawyer in the USA specialising in environmental and pharmaceutical law. His knowledge of Fauci and the working of the US funding of gain of function is second to none. He is the author of a new book on Fauci. He is not an anti Vaxxer he is concerned about the safety issues of the MRNA shot and way the mainstream media have dangerously blocked any criticism labelling even concerned pro vaxxers as conspiracy theorists.

He is a true warrior for democracy following in the steps of JFK.

New book The Real Anthony Fauci 2021

5g – Read the case filed in High Court against the UK Government.

A hearing this week the High Court will be asked to stop the use of 5g because the government have failed to assess the risk to human health (when it is known to be harmful) all in breach of the Human Rights Act and ECHR. Read the Letter before Action and Expert evidence in full. Decide for yourself…..

SURPRISE: Is Boris a good guy just controlled by Deep State.

In Dominic Cummings recent interview with the BBC he paints a picture of Boris Johnson as a man who believes this whole debacle is all nonsense, that he is anti lockdown and generally awake to the external forces controlling his government.

Mr Cummings told the BBC that he, UK chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty had pushed for tougher restrictions from mid-September – Sir Patrick and Professor Whitty declined to comment.

This interview also exposes the blatant agenda of the BBC. Laura Keunssberg, BBCs political editor shows absolute horror that Boris would even question whether lockdowns are necessary as if the BBCs information is not based on equally flawed science. Laura holds a first class degree in History and comes from a legal and medical family and it is inconceivable she is unaware of the of the importance of free speech and open political debate yet she unashamadely pushes her paymasters agenda. Or maybe she is ashamed, she should be.

This shows how the free press has fallen. Instead of encouraging open debate they present only one narrative, the World Health Organisations. WHO whistleblowers tell us Tedros takes his orders from above, the Trilateral Commissions no doubt or their minions.

It is difficult in this age of deception to take anyone at face value especially Dominic Cummings. There is a strong possibility that the entire Cummings Johnson divorce is staged in which case we can assume Johnson wants to be painted in the light of a COVID doubter.

Either way the impression we are left with is one of a Prime Minister under extreme pressure from those around him to push and force him into lockdowns and vaccinations.

In Cummings evidence before the select committee he again painted a picture of a reluctant Boris and Mat Hancock threatened by him to do as he pleased. What seems strange is the way in which he boasts of his attempts to take total control of the COVID reaction team and he is horrified that elected ministers will not give him total control. In fact he eventually quits and turns queens over Boris insisting all department go through the Prime Minister.

Dominic Cummings obviously does not understand the role of advisor or how a democracy works expecting Boris to hand total control of the countries greatest crisis to an unelected official who was clearly intent on extreme lockdowns no matter what the cost in lives and loss of jobs and business. The arrogance of Cummings is astounding.

It is incredible, in a pandemic now described by the WHO as an influenza type crisis, that although total lockdown have never in human history been tried or proved successful that a narrative has been created that the suggestion of not locking down is abdominal and dangerous. No such evidence exists. In fact Sweden and now Texas and Florida prove restriction do not dramatically improve transmission to a point the question is beyond debate. They seem to prove the opposite.

The Worlds leaders now seem to be either communists or surrounded and coerced by communists. I wonder what category Boris is in. Is it possible the fiction of a democracy has been in place for so long Boris took the job knowing he would be controlled in the same way his predecessors have been and in fact like Trump he is fighting the Deep State. Does Boris know vaccination is the only way they will relax their grip.

Many people think democracy is falling, The truth is it fell a long long time ago but it is only now our governments have been unable to retain 100% control over the media no matter how hard they try thanks to new alternative sources of information that allows what the mainstream media now so proudly censors, to be aired.

Conspiracy theorists better known as spoiler alerts nowadays argue that the Deep States plan was for total lockdown for 5 years and no vaccine and that Trump threw a spanner in the works by rushing approval through the FDA. Trump continually boats of this achievement.

Is it possible that Trump turned to the Pharmaceutical industry for help and like asking a paedophile to protect your children they jumped at the chance to make Trillions with a product they know was only partially developed.

If there is any truth in what Dominic says about Boris, which he says he will swear under oath as will many others then it seems rather than being the villain Boris is the only one opposing this total control.

Or is Dominic just making all this up to protect his mate just in case there is ever a Nuremberg 2.

Watch the interview
But Dominic thinks he should be in charge 🀑

FLOODS EUROPE: Is it possible the floods in Europe are man made? Can we even do that? NASA can.

Europe has seen unprecedented floods in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria. Experts say these are floods never seen before.

The question you may first ask is it even possible. Watch how we make weather and then at the end you can see a video uploaded from Germany which claims to be from Wassenberg. Wassenberg dams broke last week causing even more damage on top of the flood damage. Would our governments dare?

NASA rain machine
A local in Wassenberg shot this from their home window.
Wassenberg Dam Collapses

GOOD NEWS: Remember WI Spa in LA who allowed a naked man into the ladies area where children were present. LAPD arrest them all πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

WI SPA in LA allowed a naked man into the area of the Spa where young children were with their parents. When the mother complained the staff justified their rules and refused to remove him/her.

Violent protests followed demonstrations outside WI SPA where ANTIFA joined in. Finally after a week of protests LAPD arrest them all giving proof Deep State actors are not in total control. Let’s see what the Judge does with it. Subscribe for updates as I follow this story. If you did not know about this incident watch the videos from the bottom up.

The arrest
The incident where the mothers complains and WI SPA defend their paedophilic policies

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