SCIENCE: Lessons from the Spanish Flu. Is it really possible to pass a virus from human to human?

The worlds reaction to Covid 19 is based on one single fundamental principle that viruses can be transmitted from one human to another by sneezing, coughing, talking and breathing on each other.

Very early on the British Medical Journal pointed our the importance of this issue.

December 2020. The article is termed in word showing doubt in the current political acceptance of asymptomatic transmission.

In the BMJ article they revised their earlier estimate of 80% chance to 17-20%. A feature of Covid 19 is how all scientists seem to have massively overestimated the risks at the outset.

The tests carried out after the Spanish flu by doctors seems to prove asymptomatic transmission does not happen.

The test doctors carries out after the Spanish flu, whilst highly unethical, gave solid evidence as to how virus spread.

If that principle is wrong then the worlds reaction to Covid is a farce. It would mean quarantine, social distancing, restricted travel and mask are pointless. The problem is we seem to have lost our own judgment preferring to defer to people in white coats. Normally Oxbridge or Ivy League educated men. All conflicts disclosed these universities medical and scientific departments are funded by the pharmaceutical companies and their donors.

If like me you have children there may have been a day when your child was sent home from school with a cold or a flu virus.

You probably made the decision to care for that child knowing you would expose yourself to their flu virus and would catch it. But there was no option. My recollection is that although that happened many times I never fell ill. Has that happened to you? Did you ever catch a cold from your child?

The reason this issue is so complex is because it is almost impossible to differentiate between catching a cold and getting one at the same time as someone else due to common circumstances. For example the fact that two Cockerels crow one after the other does not mean that the second cockerel caught it from the first rather it shows that a set of conditions common to both made both cockerels react the same. In this case the sun appearing.

In this video you will see how suspect the science behind as-symptomatic transmission is. Many scientist question the science behind this theory. The ramifications if the fundamental basis of medical science is wrong would make a mockery of the entire medical community. In fact it would probably raise valid arguments that the entire profession causes more harm than good.

If this expert and the many other scientists who agree, are correct it illustrates an ignorant arrogance in self belief never before seen. In the Middle Ages we drained the blood from people who showed inexplicable symptoms. We now know that we were causing them harm not helping them. Are we living through another one of those moments? Will doctors of the future laugh at out belief in as-symptomatic transmission?

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