WARNING: Top Doctor explains how Scientists invented ‘brain death’ so hospitals can harvest body parts.

This is an absolutely shocking admission from Dr Paul Byrne. This video is 3 years old but is more relevant now than ever. An interveiew by young med students in an informal setting explains how hospitals will do anything to get the organs of 16 to 30 years old, faking their death, and using a host of methods to convince their family they are dead. Everyone needs to watch this video it really will shock you. What Dr. Byrne is also saying is that all transplant donors are alive when there organs are removed.

“Yes it is very similar to Nazi Germany”.

Dr. Byrne has a very respectful critic, Wesley J. Smith who disputes Dr. Byrne’s categorisation of ‘brain dead’ but says nothing about his shocking allegation of hospital lying to family members so thay can harvest body parts.

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