DEMOCRACY HAS FALLEN: THE DEEP RIG – The full movie. 2020 US Election Fraud.

Whilst many sit here wondering if democracy will fall the truth is, it already has. It fell at the 2020 US Election which was won by fraud. Yes Trump was not lying. Deep Rig is a full movie exposing the election fraud. If you still think Donald Trump is a bad man, think again.

If you are not familiar with the story of Donald Trump then i suggest you first watch Part 1 of my Movie “Rigged”. Which I uploaded before this was released :). Part 1 will help you catch up with what you may have missed, if like me, before Covid you had been convinced by the MMM that Trump was a fool. The truth is Trump declared war on the ‘Clinton Crime Family’ and on Human Traffiking. In case you did not notice both Weinstein and Epstein fell under Trumps watch.

The truth is Trump declared war on the Deep State in 2016. Our democracy hangs in balance as much as the USA. Many of the actors in this current US crisis are the same people oppressing you right now. Donald Trump is the last man standing against the Deep State. As he said the world is watching because if America falls we will all fall.

You should keep your eyes on this space. So if you already know how Trump attacked the Deep State watch Deep Rig straight away. If you dont already know that watch Part 1 of Rigged at the bottom of this page. Then watch Deep Rig the most important documentary ever made.

A Message from Patrick Byrne Pre Release
The Full Movie. Sorry its not great quality you will have to pay for the HD version link below. Sorry Patrick but your movie is way too important not to be free. Watch, upload share (if you can afford it pay to watch it)
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