These documents and the video are from the 1990s. They seem even more relevant now. In a time where all world leaders are singing from the same song sheet there seems to be someone pulling their strings.

Conspiracy theorists who believe there is a global elite running the world aiming to set up a New World Order are considered mad. You have been programmed to believe conspiracy theorists are mad.

The media would have you believe crackpots form these theories. Still, the truth is the most compelling authors warning of the real dangers of an evil ruling elite are ex-military British and US intelligence personnel with 20 years plus experience.

Dr John Coleman is one such author who worked for British military intelligence in Angola. Much of what he believes was confirmed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National security advisor to President Carter. Dr Coleman’s references are from documents he reviewed in Angola or from politicians, the intelligence community, diplomats and records he found in the British Museum Archive.

The documents these authors refer to are authentic their, authenticity is not disputed.

Dr John Coleman, who started a 20 year investigation into the The Committee of 300′ after being given access to documents he describes as of a higher security than Top Secret. His reports appears on the CIA website.

He explains how The Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome tell US Presidents what to do and he paints a picture of US Presidents taking orders from British Prime-ministers.

The documents that set Dr. John Coleman on his 20 year investigation talked of a plan to destroy the USA and depopulate the planet. He equates the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign Relations as the Illuminate and the Secret Societies.

To believe there is not a global elite ruling the world and to cast it as a total crackpot conspiracy theory is simply evidence of never having studied our history beyond the school syllabus.


Referring to a speech from Brzezinisky

The Olympians

Download the entire book.

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