WHO World Health Organisation remove Hydroxychloroquine from their misinformation section.

In a dramatic U turn WHO have removed Hydroxychloroquine from the ‘Report Misinformation’ section of their website (but left it in the index). When you click the Hydroxychloroquine link, that remains in the index, the section has been removed. hundreds of doctors, until now branded conspiracy theorists, have called for Hydroxychloroquine to be used as they have witnessed its positive effects. Peter McCullock (see our blog on him) has been arguing for the use of Hydroxychloroquine since the Covid outbreak began. Are WHO about concede it is effective? Despite the mainstreams media attack on Hydroxychloroquine since President Trump mentioned it, they have failed to report the WHOs changing position.

The Hydroxychloroquine link does not work and the section after houseflies is not Hydroxychloroquine as it should be in the index.
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