Shame on you BBC not a single word reported on the biggest ever protest in London.

Whether you agree with lockdowns or not in a democracy the question should be openly debated. The BBC and media’s suppression of the worldwide discontent of world events has revealed how our government and media would rather treat us as fools by avoiding open discussion for fear it will result in an outcome that is not financially in their interest. They prefer to make their plans behind our backs not in the open and this is the first sign that democracy has fallen. Every totalitarian regime starts with suppression of free speech. Here we are now we do not have a free press. To save democracy the media cartel must be broken.

Our US relations share concern for our mutual loss of free speech.

What concerns me most is that the BBC and our government know that nearly all Londoners know they and all media lied to the world about a 1m plus people march and they do not care.

The New York Times reported hundreds in attendance. I was looking to show how many more where there but even their own video shows their own headline to be false.

Full Fact fact checkers, having discovered a fake post saying the BBC reported a march of 350 people was wrong and in fact the BBC did not report the Freedom March at all. Not a mention.

In an earlier London March the BBC had reported 1000s in attendance but in reality there were closer to 1 million protesters in London alone.

21 June 2021. Freedom day denied again protesting outside No 10 Downing Street waiting for Boris
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