BANNED: Dr Michael Yeadon, VP Pfizer 1996-2011.

BANNED: (Read about the Banned series below) Dr. Michael Yeadon is one of the most outspoken and attacked Dr’s against Covid 19 vaccines. He has a degree in Biology and Toxicology, 32 years experience in Big Pharma and he was the Vice President of Pfizer for 16 years. He was the founder of two biotech companies he subsequently sold to Avartis. Michael Yeadon worked at Pfizer until 2011. He is pro medical treatments and pro vaccine but against unsafe medicines. This is the man


Our Banned Series are interviews with Doctors, scientists and lawyers, of international reknown, who were well respected before Covid and vilified after they criticised Government decisions. Fake news, fake fact checkers, and the mainstream media have embarked on a mission to ban any dissenting voices no matter what they are saying. The term conspiracy theory has become a term for a person who opposes the mainstream narrative. I have taken a legal approach to the analysis of evidence and have only included in the Banned series individuals who, in my opinion, retain credibility despite the often unfair, untrue and twisted character assassinations that have become part of the woke culture. Where possible I will address the criticisms and explain why they are not justified. Also see my blog (coming soon) on why you can no longer trust the mainstream media or our own government who have become the biggest pedlars of misinformation since the Daily Star posted a photo of a World War 2 bomber found on the moon. Mainstream media have become more obsessed with trashing the truth than telling it.

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